Launch Site Rules, Restrictions and Facilities

ST2017 Facilities

Generally,  Southern Thunder operates under the same physical restrictions as any other launch.  You may find the standard rules and restrictions here, along with directions to the field and wind information.  Below are some exceptions:


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We order portable toilets for all major annual launches.  They are basic model port-a-johns.  You may want to bring your own hand wash, soap and hand towels.

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The field is one mile square.  Because it is a commercial sod farm, our pads' location are at the discretion of the owner.  To stay within the field, flights are restricted to 12,000 feet for Southern Thunder.

Launch Pads:  We will have 3 launch controllers to cover low, mid-power and high power separately.  We should have enough rod and rail variety to meet the needs of most flyers. There is a 60lb limit.


Non-Club Pads:  If you are bringing your own pad for large rockets, it must not damage the turf.  No vehicles are allowed on the sod........period.  This means you must tow your pad by hand.  You must also have sufficient shielding to protect the sod from the blast and the heat. It is highly suggested that you contact us PRIOR to bringing any pad to the field.  You may use the MC2 contact form for your inquiry. We reserve the right to refuse access to any equipment that  may damage the sod.