Star Warsy Contest

Star Warsy Contest for Southern Thunder 2017  



The “Star Warsy” theme contest is to create a flying sport rocket that captures the stylings of the Star Wars spaceships. This event is to attract more interest and participation in Southern Thunder.



The rocket should demonstrate design, style, patterns, shapes, markings, or artistic interpretation of a spaceship that would be imaginable to be from the Star Wars universe. What ship would you like to see in the next movie? The intent is not to actually scale model a specific vehicle but to interpret the ‘looks’ or paint schemes into a good flying rocket, hence to make it star “warsy” instead of exactly Star Wars. Possible approaches would be reconfiguring TIE fighter solar panels into fins or adding X-wing engine pods to a futuristic bird. Ultimately the models could be offered in plans or blogs for other rocketeers to enjoy as a productive benefit of Southern Thunder.


Designs should be original, not a rebuild of a Star Wars commercial rocket kit. Kit bashing or plastic model conversion is fair game as is a scratch build, but all models must show they have a positive stability for the intended motor.


The rocket must be built and flown according the NAR safety code.

The rocket can be any size for any type NAR level motor or motors.


The rocket must pass the RSO inspection and make a safe flight for judging. Odd ball rockets that are already flight tested and proven stable are appreciated.

Models will be judged on

  1. Originality, 1-5 points
  2. Creativity in applying the Star Wars style, 1-5 points
  3. Difficulty of construction, 1-5  points
  4. Flight performance, 1-5 points
  5. Quality of craftsmanship 1-5 points.

A contestant can enter any number of rockets.

Entries will be placed on the contest display table by 10 am Sunday for judging prior to flight. Flights will be made Sunday morning at 11 am. Winners will be announced Sunday at noon.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three places (pending donations from vendors.)

There are no official NAR contest points associated with this event, it is only for fun.

Just Google ‘star wars style spaceship’ for ideas.

Download the contest specification sheet below.  Entry deadline is June 25th at 10:00 am

MC2 Admin,
May 7, 2017, 12:41 PM