The Parking and Prep Area will be located in the large gravel parking lot adjacent to the BIG Building. This is a business so please respect any no parking areas so the workers may move about freely. VEHICLES ARE NOT ALLOWED OFF THE GRAVEL!

Flight Line, Pads, and Recovery

The flight line is the north edge of the large parking lot. High power pads will be positioned 1000’ north of that line to maintain adequate separation when the house onsite is occupied. The gravel road CAN be used by flyers to transport rockets to the pads and from the recovery area beyond. Vehicles must stay on the gravel. Contact an MC2 Officer if your rocket landed offsite. IMPORTANT: ALL ROCKETS MUST BE RECOVERED! Leaving a rocket in the field could damage agricultural equipment resulting in MC2's use of the field being terminated. If you need assistance recovering your rocket, contact an MC2 Officer ASAP. No one likes to be walking around in freezing temperatures with a flashlight. 😊


There is 1 indoor restroom at the launch site in the adjacent workshop. Having a restroom onsite is a blessing. Please leave it better than you found it! Restrooms are also located at the gas stations near the expressway exits.     

Camping is not allowed at the launch site. 

There be no grilling, or fires at the site.

Park ONLY in the designated parking areas. Be considerate of others by parking perpendicular to the field.

These are permitted in the designated area, as are folding tables, lawn and folding chairs and coolers. Please bring garbage bags and haul away your own waste. You must set up and take down these items on the day of the launch. At a minimum, bringing chairs and water is a VERY good idea.

The launches are family events, additionally alcohol at the site is a violation of the safety rules. Please do not bring these beverages to the field.

BIG Building adjacent to the parking area can be used, usually, for shelter and rocket preparation. In cold weather it is likely this area will be heated, therefore HPR motors should remain outside.  If the building is open, it will be marked and/or mentioned at the Flyer’s Safety Briefing.

Motor Types and Launch Equipment available:

For low power ( ¼ A through D) black powder and  APCP motors, we have “saw horses with 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” rods

For mid and high power power ( E through M) black powder and composite motors, we have saw horses and stand alone heavy pads with 3/16”, 1/4", 3/8”, 1/2” rods, 1010 and 1515 rail.

Hopkinsville, KY Weather

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Where We Fly: 

Burman Farms