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Music City Missile Club (MC2)


The Music City Missile Club (MC2) has been operating in the Nashville area for over a decade.  MC2  is a volunteer organization of professional, technical, educational and lay persons engaged in the promotion, creation, and implementation of sport rocketry.

A sister club to the Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (HARA), MC2 shares launch duties at the Manchester, TN sod farm launch site.  We fly monthly from the sod farm from March through October (weather permitting). We also co-host a regional launch with HARA, known as Southern Thunder. The regional launch is a major event drawing flyers from all over the south and as far away as the Midwest.  We have co-hosted the launch in Manchester since its inception. 


MC2 has close ties with the local Boy Scouts of America troops who provide concessions for Southern Thunder every year.  A former MC2 president is a troop leader.   The local troops often use our monthly Manchester club launches to learn about rocketry and earn their Space Exploration merit badges.  MC2 members help to support STEM education by mentoring Tennessee high school TARC teams. 

Many regional universities attend our club launches to work on their aerospace projects. Teams using our field include Fisk University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Alabama - Birmingham and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Multiple MC2 members also mentor university teams,  who compete in the NASA Student Launch and other national and international rocketry competitions.


MC2 is affiliated with this nation's two largest rocketry associations, the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA). We are NAR Section # 589 and TRA Prefecture # 134.  Dual affiliation means that we can certify flyers for high power through both organizations. Accordingly, we operate and maintain our rocket range in accordance with NAR/TRA standards and safety codes, in addition to applicable local, state and Federal laws and regulations. 

Everyone interested in sport rocketry is welcome to attend our launches. No experience necessary! SPECTATORS are always welcome!  Our goal is to have fun and provide a safe environment for educational and sport rocketry activities.



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Apr 3, 2016, 12:31 PM