NSTA National Conference 2016

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The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference came to Nashville, Tennessee this year.  The event was held at the Music City Center, from March 31st until April 3rd. The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) had a booth in the science exhibitors area from Thursday, March 31st through the final exhibition day, April 2nd, 2016.

Vinson Huegele, NAR Education Director organized the effort and manned the booth all three days. He was assisted by MC2 officers Brian Godfrey, Vice President and Chris Gill, NAR Advisor.  Treasurer Robin Midgett of Vanderbilt University worked with their Student Launch Initiative (SLI) to provide two engineering students, Rebecca Riley (Computer Engineering and Math) and Chris Romanoski (Mechanical Engineering) to help staff the booth.

The exhibit was a success!  It provided educators and education students with information on how to utilize our sport to enhance their science curriculum. During the three day exhibition we informed booth visitors about the NAR, its history and the available resources.  We provided materials an guidance on NAR's Rocket Teacher Certification Program.

Middle and high school teachers were very interested in the Team America Rocketry Challenge once we explained the program. Vandy's rocket helped to generate interest in the NASA Student Launch programWe also used the event to get the word out about National Sport Launch 2016 (NSL 2016).

We used the provided NSTA tablet to create a database of booth visitors. Once the NSTA transfers the data, Vince will follow up and provide the attendees contact information to the relevant local NAR club.  We recorded about 150 contacts and there were quite a few visitors who left before their contact information could be recorded. Fortunately, most of them left with contact information for NAR.

The location of the conference was also helpful to MC2 and nearby clubs such as HARA and Mid-South Rocketry Society.  This is because many of those attending were from the service areas of the three clubs.  MC2 will be tracking the results of the contacts made during this conference as part of our effort to improve our outreach effort

Rebecca Riley and Vince Huegele    Chris Romanoski and Vince            Chris Gill, Tanisha Wesby (NSTA)   
                                                                                                                          and Vince Huegele      
      Happy Birthday Brian!             Teachers inquiring about NAR resources.       Vinson and Brian

You can get more information on the conference by clicking the link below.

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