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1 April 2017 Launch

 Saturday, 1 April, 2017

Third Launch of the Year!


Saturday, was an "interesting" day for flying.  The day started with overcast skies and breezy, with the temperature in the low 50's.  We had a waiver to 12,000 feet MSL, however the cloud ceiling was around 2,000 feet for much of the day.  This was a far cry from the forecast of  clear and calm  with the temperature in the high 60's or low 70's!.....Oh Well!!!!  

We muddled through the morning and early afternoon. The flyers were a mixed bag of university students and club members.  The students were from Georgia Tech, the University of Mississippi and the University of Alabama at Huntsville.  There were also some die hard flyers from MC2, HARA and SoAR. Saturday was also the debut of MC2 newbie, Kevin Newell! WELCOME KEVIN! It was also the 2nd MC2 launch for new member Gary Kaiser.  WELCOME GARY! 


The launch card breakdown is listed below. Please check our 2017 Launch Page for acknowledgements, additional pictures and more information!

There were a total of 49 Flights.  23 low power, 26 high power, 4 Level 1 Certification attempts (NAR) and 6 Level 2 Certification attempts (NAR and Tripoli). 

All motors used were commercially manufactured and properly certified, black powder or composite motors.  The highest altitude reached was approximately 9,441 feet by Kaitin's "Inari", a 7lb, 2.26 diameter, 57.6" long rocket flying on an AeroTech K1275.

The Manchester Launch site is located at Latitude 35o 29' 31" North, Longitude 85o 57' 01" West.  The elevation of the launch site is 1125 feet. The Launch Control Officers for this event were Chris Gill and Allen Hall and the Range Safety Officers for this event were Chris Gill, Art Woodling and Mike Toelle.

All flights were conducted in compliance with the National Association of Rocketry Model Rocket and High Power Rocket safety codes.