Launch Site

Parking:  Parking and Prep Area will be located along the periphery of the sod farm.  VEHICLES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE SOD!


  1. Restrooms: There are no restroom facilities located at the launch site (except during major launches such as NSL or Southern Thunder).  Restrooms are at the gas stations near the expressway exits.
  2. Camping:  Camping is not allowed at the launch site. 
  3. Grilling:    The land owner has stipulated that there be no grilling, or fires on the field. However, tailgating grills and generators have been okay in the past.
  4. Parking: When parking, please keep your car within a car’s length of the road. Please, do not park further than two cars deep. During special events, park ONLY in the designated parking areas.
  5. Canopies: These are permitted in the designated area, as are folding tables, lawn and folding chairs and coolers.  Please bring garbage bags and haul away your own waste. You must set up and take down these items on the day of the launch.  At a minimum, bringing chairs and water is a VERY good idea.
  6. Alcohol:   The launches are family events, additionally alcohol at the site is a violation of the safety rules. Please do not bring these beverages to the field.

FAA Waiver Information:  A standing 10,000 ft. (AGL) waiver is in effect from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm for every launch.  A 12,000 ft. (AGL) waiver is in effect from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm for some launches, winds permitting.  The FAA limit for this field is 18,000 Feet, however we limit to 12,000 maximum to insure that rockets land on the field.

Skidmarks:  It is our intent that all motor types be permitted to fly however, since we are flying on top of someone else's saleable product (sod), weather and field conditions my force us to not allow Skidmark motors to fly.  If you plan to pre-load a large motor before traveling to our launch, we recommend that you select something other than a Skidmark.  The determination about whether or not Skidmarks will be flown will be made on the day of the launch based upon the immediate conditions.

Hybrids:  We will not be providing any hybrid GSE.  If anyone wanted to provide hybrid GSE, NOS, and on-field support, we'd be okay with setting aside a hybrid area.

Low power Black Powder and  APCP motors: 1/8”, 3/16” rods

E - K motors:   1/4", 3/8”, 1/2” rods, two 1010 rails, and one 1515 rail.

L and M motors:  One away pad with large rail is usually provided (contact the club using our Google Group to ensure support is available)

****Controllers and Launch pads from three clubs are used at Southern Thunder and National Sport Launches.  Check the web page of those activities for specifics.

Winds Aloft Forecast - Nashville Area

Where We Fly: 

You may use the map below to obtain driving directions to the field.  Be advised that our exact location on the field varies depending on the needs of Mid-Tenn. Turf.  When you arrive, look for the tents.  If you are an early bird, your best bet is to continue on Hickerson Road until you get to the storage shed, mid-field and wait in the parking lot.

MC2 Launch Site - Mid Tenn Turf Inc.