October 8th, 2016 Launch

October 2016 Launch

The last launch of the 2016 season

We had a busy weekend!  The field was full of students.  We had an entire Boy Scout troop working on their badges and students from Tennessee Tech and the University of Alabama - Birmingham attempting level one certification flights.

All together there were 52 total flights.  33 flights were low power and 19 were high power.  18 of the 19 high power flights were certification attempts. The certification flights were mostly successful and the few failed attempts were crowd pleasers!

Thanks to the Tennessee Technological University chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) for sharing their photos of the launch!
Thanks to the Boy Scouts, SEDS - Tennessee Tech, the University of Alabama - Birmingham and the MC2 officers for making this launch a success!  Below are pictures of the days activities.  (Click on a picture for a full sized image with correct orientation.)


The following images were provided by SEDS - Tennessee Tech

Below....... The Anatomy of a CATO (Catastrophic failure...of a rocket motor).  Matthew Hickman's Estes Big Daddy, flying (apart) on an AeroTech F-24.  Fortunately the rocket survived to fly again later in the day.

           Below, more images provided by SEDS - Tennessee Tech