February 2017 Launch

Sunday, 19 February 2017 Launch

Sunday, 19 February, 2017 


Sunday, was a great day for flying!  The skies were clear! The winds were calm and the temperature was in the low 70's!

Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Alabama A&M and the University of Alabama at Huntsville were among the NASA Student Launch teams to attend. There were also flyers from both clubs, guest flyers and a few spectators.


There were a total of 29 Flights.  16 low power, 13 high power, 3 Level 1 Certification attempts (Tripoli) and 3 Level 2 Certification attempts (Tripoli). 


All motors used were commercially manufactured and properly certified, black powder or composite motors.  The highest altitude reached was 10,000 feet by Ryan Grenell's "Manchester Maniac" flying on a Loki J 1026.


The Manchester Launch site is located at Latitude 35o 29' 31" North, Longitude 85o 57' 01" West.  The elevation of the launch site is 1125 feet. The Launch Control Officer for this event was Chris Gill and the Range Safety Officer for the Event was Fred Kepner.

All flights were conducted in compliance with the National Association of Rocketry Model Rocket and High Power Rocket safety codes.  The flight card summary is displayed below.