The Music City Missile club is a proud member of the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce!
We encourage and promote safe sport rocketry in Middle Tennessee.


HARA has administrative responsibility for this year's Southern Thunder.  As neither club has yet found a suitable site for High Powered flying, HARA has issued the following announcement.

MC2 will continue to work with HARA to find a replacement site for monthly flying and our annual regional meet.

Message from the MC2 President


The Music City Missile Club (MC2) is still a viable club.  We have experienced a setback as the HP rocket field (sod farm) in Manchester, used for over 14 years by us and the Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (HARA) is no longer available to us.

We are searching for fields within reasonable commuting distance to continue flying, including alternate Manchester sites.  Both we and HARA continue to look for sites and we hope to be up and running by Fall for High Power.  HARA has a low power field in Alabama, we do not have one as of yet.  Low and mid require no waiver, so as soon as we have an agreement with the government or landowner concerned, we can start flying low and mid-power in Tennessee.

The city of Nashville has several parks suitable for this purpose, but an ordinance may prevent us from flying in their parks.  We are also looking for launch site opportunities in surrounding counties. In the meantime, please review the flying options below.  I will also update our website with any new information as it becomes available.

Keep an eye on the South East Alabama Rocketry Society page.  They may be posting their launch calendar soon. The Birmingham Rocket Boys , BRB ,has a field with a 3000 foot waiver. They fly mainly low and mid-power, however low altitude HP flights are possible.

In Memphis (Lakeland, TN) Mid South Rocketry launches in Shelby park. They have launched to 6000 feet however their site says they have no waiver yet.  I suggest that you subscribe to their Facebook page for current updates.

Finally there is a group in Elizabethtown, KY that flies on a sod farm with a 10,000 foot waiver. The Bluegrass Rocketry Society of Kentucky has two fields. They were supposed to fly today, however weather probably caused the launch to be canceled. Check the weather before you make the trip and/or contact an officer as they do not always announce cancellations on their website.  The BluesRocks Facebook page is also a good source of information. 

Please continue to monitor our website and join our Google group (our fastest information distribution channel).  If you have any leads on launch sites, please forward the information to me at


Everyone is welcome!


Our launches are open to the public. In addition to our club's members, many rocket clubs from universities throughout the Southeast and Mid-west fly with us as well! This means several spectacular flights involving large rockets! Whether you are a flyer or a spectator,  a novice or a Born Again Rocketeer, our launches are always a lot of fun! 

You do not need any experience to fly with us.  If you require assistance we will arrange for a member to assist you. Members fly free at club launches, all others must pay a daily launch fee of $5.00 per flyer.

This launch, like all club launches is open to the public.  We will have enough pads to cover low through high power.  MC2 owns 8 foot 1010 and 1515 rails.  In addition, we have pads that will hold rods from 1/8th to 1/4 inch. 

Please join our Google Group as any changes of cancellations due to weather or field conditions will be announced there.

Below is a video recorded by SoAR member, Lucius Williams IV summarizing the event and documenting the successful Level One Certification flight of Lee Childers.



Anyone seeking to certify High Power at a launch should please place an inquiry in our contact form or email either our Tripoli or NAR advisors in advance so to insure that personnel and documents are available.  NAR High Power Level 1 and 2 certification applications and Level 2 exams will be available at the field.  Certification applicants please check in at the RSO tent.


October 2016
Past MC2 President Chris Dondanville  &  Secretary Fred Kepner  at the launch controls.

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