We encourage and promote safe sport rocketry in the middle Tennessee area
The last MC2 launch of  2016 has come and gone!

It's been a great year for flying, however all good things must come to an end. The October 8th launch was the last launch of the year. We had a good turnout.   The three main groups were the Boy Scouts, The Tennessee Tech rocket club and the University of Alabama - Birmingham.

October weather can be unpredictable, and while things were a bit windy at times, it ended up being a good day for flying. We flew on the west side of the  field in an area that had already been harvested, so there was no motor limit.

Our next launch will be in March 2017.  The exact dates will be announced shortly along with the dates of Southern Thunder 2017.

Anyone  seeking to certify High Power should please place an inquiry on in our contact form or email either our Tripoli or NAR advisors in advance so to insure that personnel and documents are available.  NAR High Power Level 1 and 2 certification applications and Level 2 exams will be available at the field.  Certification applicants please check in at the RSO tent.

You do not need any experience to fly with us.  If you require assistance we will arrange for a member to assist you.


Pictures of the October  launch will be posted shortly!

Unnamed rocket built by the Hart County, Kentucky 4H Rocket Club.  The students are competing in the high school SLI competition sponsored by NASA and NAR.

The Fisk University SLI Team prepares their rocket for flight.


SLI entry by Fisk University blasts off!

September Launch 2016

We had a great time Saturday!  The weather was beautiful and the wind behaved itself for most of the day!  Unfortunately, we had to end the launch around 4:00 pm due to the approach of severe weather.

There were a total of 57 flights including 3 Level One Certification attempts and 1 Level Two Certification attempt. A total of 3 flyers were certified during the launch.

The following is a breakdown of the flights.  There were 37 Low Power, 10 Mid-Power flights and 10 High Power flights.

Former Presidents!
Lance Baxter (MC2) & Ray Cole (HARA) at the launch controls.

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